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Our shared global future comes down to people making choices about how to relate to each other. We know that crises can only be solved peacefully if people from different countries and cultures are able to talk with each other across their concerns and find ways to move forward together.

This is the work of One To World, and as we celebrate our 40th year, it is ever more crucial. Help us ensure that we can continue this vital work for the next 40 years by making a contribution today!

In the New York area, there are 100,000 international students, including nearly 1,000 Fulbright grantees, from 140 countries who have come here to study this year. This is a one-time, priceless opportunity to learn from them, bring them into our lives, and change the future for the better as we come to understand and appreciate each other.

One To World structures programs that make this possible every day.

  • Over Thanksgiving, an American family in New York City invites a group of students to share this traditional holiday. Among the guests are a student from India and a student from Pakistan, who engage in deep and meaningful conversation with each other—while acknowledging that they would never have spoken to each other without this opportunity.
  • In a public high school, a challenging discussion about immigration takes place among young American students during a Global Classroom workshop about refugees trying to escape conflict and extreme poverty in their own countries and migrate to Europe. New information from our Global Guide from Morocco is able to open minds and hearts to the plight of refugees.
  • At the West Point Military Academy roundtable just after last year's U.S. Presidential election, with emotions running high among American students on all sides, a One To World Fulbright delegate from Bosnia speaks from his own understanding that democracy can survive the most challenging times if people are strong enough to work together to maintain it.

Help One To World celebrate 40 years of building understanding, friendship, and peace through programs like these by making the most generous gift you can.

In an era when students from other lands are asking whether the U.S. is in fact a country that welcomes them, join One To World in answering this question with a resounding YES. Be part of the solution. Donate today!

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